Made it to Austin

This is the first long trip since I came home from back surgery.  It involved connections in Anchorage and Seattle.  I was lucky enough to score upgrades from Anchorages all the way to Austin, but I still arrived in less than ideal shape, although the trouble seemed to be my hip, not my back.  I went to sleep with an ice pack, and everything seems fine except my right big toe, which really hurts.  With my luck, it’s probably gout…

Anyway, the GHEA RCN steering committee, of which I am part, is having a meeting about a mile from the Hilton.  I suspect it may take me a bit longer than Google maps thinks to walk it, so I am heading out now.  My paper is tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see how that goes.

3 thoughts on “Made it to Austin

  1. You left Barrow 9 days after I arrived… from Austin. Small world.
    Wish you all the best and hope you’ll post your paper here – I’d love to read it, even if it is over my head (I can always Google for more details). 10 weeks “in-country” and I can tell you things in Barrow are rarely as they seem, every day is truly an adventure, and the people are far above par.

  2. I am a permaculturist based in Austin, if you visit again I can connect you with our local gardeners…best of luck on your tundra garden 🙂

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