Temporary Home of PAN poster

The poster reporting the results of the PAN meeting on Global Change and Threats to the Polar Archaeological Heritage was up for 2.5 days at the Alaska Anthropological meetings.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t go stand with it since I was in a session at the poster session time (part of the time I was actually giving a paper).

There is a formal position paper being prepared to report the results of the meeting, and we may well try for a publication as well.  Short reports are being submitted to ArcticInfo, and the Alaska Anthropological Association’s newsletter, as well as EOS, the American Geophysical Union’s weekly.

In the meantime, I put a PDF of the poster here.  It’s not the ideal solution.  However, this is temporary until the PAN website gets up and running, at which time it will move over there (and be superseded by the information presented and formatted for the web).  Until then, here you go…

PAN Poster aaa 2011 final

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