Media Links

Arctic Today article about Nuvuk by Dermot Cole. He clearly read at least some of my dissertation!

The Weather Channel visit in 2017–article and video

Zombie pathogens (you’ll need to  listen (“>listen)–the reporter had just avoided getting caught up in Ebola on another story)

Melting Ice in the Arctic Is Actually a Nightmare for Archaeologists in Scientific American

Segment (mostly in German) on eroding Arctic archaeological sites on Deutschlandfunk (German Public Radio)

Polar Bear Skull from Walakpa (Western Digs and EarthTouch  and Ancient Origins)

New Scientist June 16, 2016

Endangered Archaeology: Climate Change Threatens to Swallow Paleo-Inuit Sites from Alaska to Greenland (Polar Field Notes, June 6, 2016)

Researchers face challenges at Arctic Alaska archaeological site (October 6, 2013)

History is Melting (January 26, 2016)  also at As the Arctic Erodes, Archaeologists Are Racing to Protect Ancient Treasures and here

Dig reveals 1,500-year-old midden near Barrow (October 4, 2013)

Hunting the Arctic’s disappearing treasures (August 31, 2015)

A House at Walakpa–Saturday Schoolyard Talk (October 19, 2013)

Iñupiat Sod House Excavated in Alaska

Grand Challenges: Climate Change and Unemployment