Time for Recent Research Notes for AJA

It’s time to send in submissions for the Alaska Journal of Anthropology Recent Research Notes sections. It needs to go to the editors by early March at the latest, so get them in now! If you want to include any images, we need publication quality versions at the same time. We welcome notes about all fields of anthropology as well as related studies. More info here.

NB. There is a new style guide for AJA here. Please use it. I’m super busy this winter, so I can’t spend time fixing formatting, but I do want to be able to include your submission.

Last call for AJA RECENT RESEARCH NOTES for the next volume

I have to finalize the RRN in the next couple of days.  If you have something you’d like in there, pleas get it to me properly formatted (including C14 dates, tables, etc.).  We want to include δ13C for radiocarbon dates if it’s available.  More information is here.