Wanted: Contributions to AJA Recent Research Notes!

We are looking for contributions to the Recent Research Notes column in the Alaska Journal of Anthropology.  These would be brief (1-3 paragraphs maximum) reports on up-coming, on-going or recently completed projects, new C-14 dates or laboratory findings that might be of interest to the Arctic/subarctic research community.  Individuals can submit multiple notes if they have different subjects.   Items already covered in the newsletter are appropriate, as AJA has a broader circulation, and exists in permanent hard copy in libraries.

Entries can be submitted at any time (while a project is fresh in your mind) and will be placed in the next column to be published after their submission.  The deadline for notes to make the next issue is JULY31, 2020.

We do not need precise site locations, client’s names, or any other data that can be considered protected or proprietary.   It is understood that in some cases project sponsors need to review reports and give permission for such notes to be published.  We understand that this may take some time, and will interpret “recent” liberally to accommodate such cases.

Submissions can be made to Anne Jensen (amjuics@gmail.com) who edits the column.  Electronic submissions (in AJA style) are strongly preferred.  The AJA Style Guide can be found here.

Please take note of the formatting of tables with C14 dates, as well as the preferred date formats.  Best practices suggest including information on the probability distribution for calibrated dates.

The Recent Research section of the Alaska Anthropological Association Newsletter is intended to be a useful venue for making colleagues aware of research, and for disseminating brief notes of new C14 dates or other interesting finds, particularly those which do not seem likely to lead to other publication.

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