Streaming URL update

OK, this is the fixed URL for streamed Saturday Schoolyard talks:

It should work whenever they are being streamed.

We’ll be on around 1:30 AKDT today.  No Heather, since she fell on the ice we’ve got covering everything here (they even canceled the evening plane due to an icy runway) and hurt her ankle, so she’s laid up.

3 thoughts on “Streaming URL update

  1. Hi Anne – just looking at the Barrow sea ice webcam again – the view was stuck for a few days and now it looks like there is ice on the sea! Can you make any comment as to how this seems to have happened so quickly – temps continually below freezing with humidity/mist/blowing snow? The view has changed so dramatically. Thank you and regards, Terry

  2. The ice comes a couple ways. There’s the main pack out in the Arctic Ocean, which starts growing in the fall. There’s always lots of thin ice around the edges, which gets broken off and moved around by wind and currents, so ice floes can show up and go away again. Most of what’s out there right now is small pan ice. When it gets cold enough for the ocean to start freezing, the water gets slushy, and then it will start to set up. Bigger pieces of ice can freeze in. This can be really fast (a matter of hours) or slower. Ice can form on the shore, but can be carried away easily until it freezes to the bottom. I’ll try to find a couple good sea ice web sites when I get a few spare minutes here.

  3. Anne, as you mentioned, it seems to have moved off shore tonight. Very interesting scenario. Will follow up any other web sites you might come up with. Thanks. Terry

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