Paris–Visit to the Louvre

I promised a number of people I’d put some pictures from the trip to Paris up, so here goes.  I took these with my iPhone, which isn’t quite up to even my Optio S, let alone the Nikons, so the picture quality isn’t that great.

The first set is from the Louvre.  A few of us went to visit on Thursday, which the conference organizers had allowed as a day off.  This was a great idea, since day after day of papers can leave people sort of “conferenced out” and really not able to pay much attention to papers on the last day.  This avoided that syndrome.

Pyramid at the Louvre (the new entrance).
Winged Victory of Samothrace.

The Mona Lisa looks a little forlorn hanging by itself on a wall that is apparently also a protective vault.

Mona Lisa.

It looks much smaller than one expects, particularly since it is facing a really immense painting.

Opposite the Mona Lisa.

The room is really crowded, and it takes a while to get close enough to get a good picture.

The hordes in front of the Mona Lisa.

The Louvre itself was pretty amazing in terms of over-the-top interior decoration.  The craftsmanship was amazing.

Interior at the Louvre.
Wild boar mosaic on fireplace.
Leopard mosaic on the same fireplace.
Venus de Milo.
Another angle on the Venus de Milo.

Venus de Milo from the seldom-photographed back.

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