Call for Papers for SAA session on Environmental Change Impacts

I’m back from over a month in the field, and just got the Committee on Climate Change Strategies and Archaeological Resources (CCSAR)-sponsored session set up for next spring’s SAA meetings.  The session abstract is here.

We are looking for papers. If you are interested and have a paper you think might fit, contact me!

NB.  The hard deadline is coming up fast (September 6, at 3PM ET) and you will need to be registered and with fees paid to be accepted.  You don’t have to renew/establish your SAA membership right now, but will need to do that by the end of January 2019 to give the paper.

2 thoughts on “Call for Papers for SAA session on Environmental Change Impacts

  1. In about 2004/5, I attended a conference in Sitka where I began talking to one of the Browers, possibly Tommy, who was 50-60 years old at the time. He told me that the permafrost is thawing so much that ice cellars in Utqiavik thaw in the summer and the meat sometimes spoils. He made it sound like this had been happening for a while.

    Love your blog.

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