Talking with Teachers

I had a fun morning talking to about 40 elementary school teachers from the North Slope Borough School District.  They were having an in-service.  The original plan was to take them out to Walakpa by boat, but the weather this weekend features snow, a bit of rain and winds up to 30 mph.  So–not boating weather.

Since we knew this a couple of days ago, we were able to get the lab ready for visitors.  We (Ashtyn & I) put out several drawers with some of the more interesting artifacts from Walakpa and Nuvuk.  I put together a slide show to give them an idea about the project, which we showed before they visit d the lab.  I also talked a bit about the history of science in Barrow, and the building of the BARC.

A number of the teachers are interested in bringing their classes out to the lab.  A few of them are also interesting in volunteering, either in the lab or as photographers.  And I think I probably sold a bunch of the Barrow Science hoodies, given how many people asked how they could buy one :-).

4 thoughts on “Talking with Teachers

  1. I teach 2nd grade in California, and I read the article about your work in the October edition of SA to my class. One of my students in particular has been pestering me about wanting to send you a letter!

    She is very set on sending the letter in the mail, I’m guessing sending it all the way to Alaska is a very exciting concept. Will you receive a letter sent to the Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corp Headquarters in Barrow if it’s addressed to you?

    1. Probably the best address is:
      Anne Jenen
      UIC Science LLC
      PO Box 936
      Barrow, AK 99723

      You might want to warn her that it can take quite a while for mail to get to Barrow. It has been extra slow lately.

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