In Kotzebue with no clothes…

…except the ones I was wearing (and a spare pair of socks I have in my field pack).  Alaska Airlines lost one of my bags.  Sigh.  It may not even have been loaded in Barrow, and of course they don’t answer the phone there, so there was no way for the agents in Kotzebue to check and make sure it got on tonight’s flight to Anchorage so it could get here in the morning.

At least most of the field gear made it in, so we can start work.  I’ll go buy a toothbrush & spare T-shirt if it doesn’t come in tomorrow morning.  I don’t have my steel toe boots, though, which could be a factor when we are ready to start monitoring.  I doubt I can find a pair of women’s steel-toe size 7.5 or men’s 5 in Kotzebue.

In other news, there is an amazing amount of fireweed blooming here.

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