Off to Mesa for a bit

I haven’t been posting much on here recently. A bunch of things have been going on, and I will try to catch up, but the thing is that my spine , which I had fused in 1996, has been giving me trouble. I broke one of the screws (how I have no idea) and it is moving around poking nerves, plus there seem to be problems one more vertebra up. It has been fairly wearing and something had to give (like this blog & hobbies).

The upshot is that I need to get it re-fused. So I am off to Mesa, AZ to get that done. Glenn is able come along, so at least I won’t have to spend Christmas all alone. Now if only Alaska Airlines doesn’t wind up delaying things so long I miss my connections…

8 thoughts on “Off to Mesa for a bit

  1. Anne, So sorry to hear about the health issue. At least it sounds like it is ‘fixable’. All the best on the fusion, and best wishes to you and Glenn for the holiday season – even if it is in Mesa rather than home. Cheers, Dennis

  2. Hi Anne,
    Sorry to hear about your back; my father has two cervical vertebrae fused since the early 2000s so I have a decent idea of what you’re dealing with. At least it is fixable though; I hope everything goes smoothly with your surgery. And hey, you get to spend Christmas someplace a lot more sunny than Barrow in December.

    Best wishes to you and the whole family for the holiday season,
    Andrew Z

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