How to get writer’s cramp

I’m almost done with the last of the papers I (over)committed to.  I am waiting for one reference and the encyclopedia entry on frozen sites will be done.  I’ve got a few more references to add and a few more C14 dates to calibrate and the chapter on North Slope archaeology for a Point Hope bioarcheology volume will be ready to go off for review.  I have a general NS archeology document that I wrote and update on a regular basis that I use when people ask for background.  Because the available information about the published C14 dates from some of the earlier sites is not really sufficient to calibrate them (and the archaeologists haven’t published calibrated dates) I had been using BP (before present–present being 1950) dates in this, but decided that I needed to bite the bullet and get some calibrated dates.  Some more recent work has resulted in calibrated dates being available, so I can at least give date ranges for the various cultures in cal years, which should be an improvement.
I started to work on the two NSF proposals that are up next.  I am working on both a RAPID and a regular proposal for work on the Ipiutak component at Nuvuk.  Unfortunately the NSF Fastlane web site wouldn’t let me see any of the PDFs that it converts things to.  I’ll have to take this up with their tech support in the morning.

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