Papers and proposals

I’m afraid I’ve been pretty silent here.  It was not a case of writer’s block exactly; I was writing quite a lot.  It’s just that I had a lot of papers and proposals that were due (or overdue–sorry ’bout that, editor people) and was really trying to get them done.  Between feeling guilty about writing anything that wasn’t the late chapters/papers/proposal sections and actually writing some much that my hands were sore and my brain was protesting, something had to give.

At this point, one article is published electronically (unfortunately behind a pay wall :-), there are three chapters of books (one mine, two co-authored with Glenn Sheehan) off for review, I’ve got most of what I need in to the PIs for two proposals due soon, and I’ve just got one chapter and two shortish encyclopedia entries to write and a proposal to rewrite, an abstract to submit for the Society for American Archaeology meetings next spring (in Hawaii, so yes I’m going), and posters (or maybe a talk) for the AGU meeting in San Francisco in December. Oh, and the annual budget process is starting.

Things are pretty quite in the lab with most of the students graduated.  There is one home school student who is still working away, since he has more flexible hours.  I hope to start getting something done in there myself once the writing frenzy is over.

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