Hints for those thinking of getting into archaeology–Pt 1

For some reason, two of the archaeology blogs I follow had recent posts which were perfect summaries of information for people considering getting into archaeology.  Although the topics were quite different, neither was the sort of thing covered in most classes or textbooks.

On the practical side, GraecoMuse did a nice summation of what an archaeologist needs in the way of personal field equipment.  I’d add a clipboard desk for forms, and certainly most US and Canadian archaeologists would substitute Marshalltown trowels for WHS.

On the other end of the spectrum, what appears to be a new blog gives an extended quote from an L. S. Klijn article in Acta Archaeologica listing 25 Commandments for archaeological researchers. I tend to think that not all archaeologists are quite as individualistic and cutthroat as #5 might imply, and would offer such highly successful collaboratives as NABO and GHEA as counterexamples. The list is a clear description of some very important principles of archaeological logic and epistemology.  Many of the “commandments” are applicable to all scientific endeavor, no matter the discipline.


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