Just got included on a list of CRM blogs over at Doug’s Archaology. This is one of a series of posts he’s doing on various types of archaeology blogs, all of which are worth reading.

Doug's Archaeology

Here are some great blogs that discuss working in commercial archaeology/CRM. This topic can be tricky and some of these blogs do not actually cover just Commercial/CRM archaeology but they do give good insights into the life/conditions. This list of blogs and others can be found at my archaeology blog list.

If you want to subscribe to all of them in a RSS Feed you can do so here

10 simple steps to better archaeological managementhttp://10simplesteps.blogspot.com/

Martin Locock’s blog is a must read if you are interest in being successful in archaeology or life.


Archaeology employment inEurope& some more. Paolo’s blog is a great resource and posts lots of great information pertain to archaeology in all sectors.

The Charles Mount Blog http://charles-mount.ie/wp/

“Dr. Charles Mount has more than twenty years experience of archaeology and cultural heritage assessment. ” He blogs about many different things…

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