Trip to Wainwright–Maudheim?

When I got the information from the AHRS files, one of the two sites listed was Maudheim.  I recognized the name, but had connected it with a Norwegian-British-Swedish station in Antarctica.  Obviously that wasn’t it.  It turned out the Maudheim near Wainwright was a station that had been built by Roald Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer, in 1921 or 22 in connection with his planned flight over the North Pole.  It was meant as an overwintering base, although it seems that Amundsen actually spent the winter in Nome, leaving his pilot Oskar Omdal to take care of Maudheim and the plane.

After the expedition was over, Maudheim was apparently acquired by the Midnight Sun Trading Company, which seems to have dealt in coal from small mines near Wainwright as well as other standard items.  There may have been some additions to the building.  Although the trading post seems to have gone out of business quite some time ago, the building survived for many years.  According to Tim, he was told it was torn down a few years ago since it was not being maintained (no real owner) and people in Wainwright were afraid it was becoming a hazard for kids.

Footprint of a building, probably Maudheim.
Ice cellar near Maudheim site.


4 thoughts on “Trip to Wainwright–Maudheim?

  1. it would be interesting the see what type of signal would return using the 500MHz GPR on this footprint. And to see if any other buildings were nearby but didn’t leave evidence on the surface.

  2. Maudheim still exist in Wainwright. The house was moved to a new location in the village and modernized.

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