Plenty of fish

Excavation of the hearth & surroundings continued.  When we first found fish bones we were pretty excited.   We just keep finding more in and near the hearth and I must admit the thrill is rapidly fading 🙂 . We’re finding some other bone too, not all of which has been burnt past the point of recognition.

The egg was successfully extracted and packaged, and has made it back to the lab, I hope more or less intact.  We shall see when we start processing things.  If we can’t figure out what it was, Dennis said they’ll take a crack at IDing it through DNA.

2 thoughts on “Plenty of fish

  1. You have fish bones? What are you doing with those fish bones? I like fish bones 🙂 hahahaa That is so cool – your preservation is amazing!!

  2. We’ll have to ID them, I guess. I’m not that good with fish, since the sites I’ve worked on in the Arctic people either weren’t fishing, or were cutting & drying the fish at fish camp and not bringing bones to the winter houses.

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