First rainy day of the summer…

…which is pretty amazing if you know Barrow.  It was still somewhat windy and actually raining quite hard at times in the morning.  I decided we’d stick to STPs for the day, since drawing and photography would be sort of problematic.  Rhett and Jared were scheduled to be in the lab processing data, and Dennis decided to stay in too.  Several of the students were sick.

There was a half-hour delay due to confusion over who was going out as bear guards, and where they were to get rain gear.  UMIAQ even asked us.  We do have some spare rain gear, but it stays in the field in case someone’s gets wrecked or a student forgets theirs, so that really was no help.  They finally had to go home and get their own.  Then on the way out an ATV, which had been acting up for several days, “failed to proceed”  just past the end of the road, so another half hour delay for me, one of the bear guards and Candace, who was riding the dead machine.  UMIAQ brought another out and we continued.  No huge deal since we were just doing STPs, but if we’d been planning to excavate, everything would have been on hold until the transit and the excavation equipment in the trailer being towed by the dead machine could get to the site.

The crew that was there got a good number of STPs done, although nothing showed up.  At least it doesn’t seem like the GPR is missing anything, although some areas have been driven over so much and have so much refuse in them that nothing short of a whale skull would stick out from the background noise.

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