The snow is finally melting!!

We had a serious amount of snow last winter, although I’m not sure if it was an all-time record or not.  By a couple of weeks ago I was beginning to get a bit worried.  We’ve started work at Nuvuk in June some years ago, but it was pretty miserable.  We’re starting in early July this year, but at the rate the snow was melting it was looking as if we might still have snow patches on the ground when we started.

However, we’ve had some warm sunny weather the last couple of weeks, and the snow is melting.  Patches of tundra are starting to show through; people are heading inland after geese.  We drove out to the end of the road to take a look at Point Barrow.  I was happy to see lots of gravel showing.  Once the gravel starts to appear, it absorbs lots of heat, and the snow melts faster.  Given another month, we should be in good shape.

Point Barrow seen from the end of the road.

It was misty when we drove out, but I think it was a mist from snow ablating (going from solid to vapor directly).  It happens here a lot on warm days, resulting in mist rising from the ground as well as from puddles  & ponds.

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