Vacationing is hard work

Not really.  But getting ready to go on vacation is.  We spent two weeks on Oahu over Thanksgiving.  We’d been promising our daughter a trip to Hawaii when she finished high school, and this was it.  Since the budget process at UIC was in full swing in November, that meant that everything had to be done before I left, not to mention all the usual packing and getting the house ready for a prolonged absence issues.

We got back (with the whole unpacking/laundry extravaganza that meant), only to leave in a week for upstate New York to visit my family for the Christmas/New Year’s holidays.  That brought its own flurry of baking stollen to give in Barrow before I left, packing, Christmas shopping, etc.  There was also the travel to arrange for the conferences in Europe that Glenn & I are going to in January, which is almost done.

All this by way of explaining the lack of posts for the last little while.  I was on the computer so much for all of the above (except the baking, laundry & packing) that I really couldn’t face more screen time, even if there had been spare minutes.

Now we’re here after a 20+ hour trip fortunately unaffected by the bad weather happening across much of the country, so I should have a bit more time to write.

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