Off to a conference of archaeozoologists

… or zooarchaeologists or faunal analysts (people who study animal remains from archaeological sites), in Paris. The trip over was a two-day affair, involving not one, but two red-eyes. We had a good tail wind, so the Salt Lake City flight was about an hour and a half shorter than expected, which made up for a late departure due to bad weather.

The conference is feeding us lunch every day, and it’s pretty impressive for a university cafeteria. One starter, one main course, one cheese, one desert and one drink. The folks I ate with didn’t see it, but there are rumors that wine was available. The coffee breaks have great pastries and fresh fruit.

The opening reception was amazing, and they didn’t run out of food, frequent problem at such events. They held it in the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution (Great Hall of Evolution) of the National Museum of Natural History, which is just amazing. A few pictures from there follow. I took them with my phone, so the quality is not the best.

Skull of Nile crocodile
Blue whale skeleton
Southern right whale skeleton
Arctic or Pacific loon, probably Pacific. They look alike, and the ranges overlap.
A small portion of the assembled multitude.

There are also some neat older mounts.  The one of the tiger on the elephant is because a French duke was hunting on elephant back in India, and a tiger leaped onto his elephant.  He was only saved because she was so heavy she broke the basket he was riding in.  She was shot, and that’s the tiger in the mount, which he had made and donated.  It didn’t say if it’s the same elephant.

A hippopotamus, closer-up than you'd want to get in real life.
Tiger and elephant, with howdah (the basket).

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